English Class for Beginners #11

Beginning This is an English conversation class at the meeting room on the 6th floor from 7PM to 9PM! Please pay when you enter the room. From 7PM is 1,500 yen. From 8PM is 1000 yen. When everyone gathers, I will introduce myself in English with a short rap. After that, everyone will introduce themselves in simple English. Please say your name and a hobby, followed by “nice to meet you”. Then I will confirm if you have specific troubles in English. But don’t worry! This is a beginner class, so everyone is welcome!
Middle Let’s go deeper after everyone introduces themselves! We will learn how to say our name, nickname, hobbies, etc. We will also practice expressions on how to keep the conversation smooth. We will practice in pairs. The time limit depends on the number of people, but I think that 5 to 10 minutes per partner is ideal. Because we will change partners. Let’s aim to talk with everyone within 2 hours! 🙂 I will listen to conversations and give advice. So, please don’t worry if you run out of ideas. I will be like a walking dictionary! Lol When an interesting point comes up in a conversation, I will write it on the blackboard and explain it or more natural expressions. I think you should take notes. We will also practice pronunciation of those expressions. This pattern will continue until around 8:40PM. Let’s speak lots of English!
End At 8:40PM I will re-confirm if there are any questions before summarizing all the points we learned. Then let’s take a group photo! We will end at 8:50PM, but for those who have time let’s all get dinner together afterwards!
Kind regards,
Gabriel Fahm